Each student is expected to be in his respective class on time at every session. There is MANDATORY study hall each Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4. Missing a Wednesday study hall will count as an unexcused absence. All necessary tardiness or absence must be arranged with the instructor, Director and Dean of Students to be governed by the following:

  1. Absences. The total number of classes missed cannot exceed two per subject or exceed six total classes per quarter. In case of illness a doctor’s excuse or a signed statement from the student is required. To exceed this number of absences will subject the student to disciplinary action. The student may request a meeting with the Director to inquire about a special dispensation to continue with the quarter’s school work.
  1. Leave of Absence. Such is granted to students under such conditions as are beyond their control, such as road hazards, weather conditions, sickness, death in the immediate family, necessary official business, and representing the school. Military “duty week-ends” are also recognized and excused.A student must get the signature of each class Instructor on the Excused Absence Form, (EAF), prior to the time he needs to be absent. Upon getting said signatures the student must bring the filled out form to the Director or the Dean of Students a week prior to the time he needs to be absent.
  1. Tardiness.Being late to chapel and classes will not be tolerated, except in emergencies. Three incidences of tardiness equal one unexcused absence; three unexcused absences subjects one to dismissal.For each unexcused absence, the student’s final grade average will be reduced three points. A written reason for each tardiness or absence must be presented to the instructor. Unsatisfactory attendance will be reported to the Director.
  1. Make-up Work. Each student is held accountable for work missed because of absence for any reason, and will be required to make it up, according to the demands of his respective instructor and the Director.
  1. Lectureship Attendance, door knocking campaigns, school lectureships, graduation exercise and any school function, requires all students’ attendance.