Grading System

The quality of work done by each student is expressed in the following table:

92-100 A-Excellent 4 Quality points per term
83-91 B-Above Average 3 Quality points per term
74-82 C-Average 2 Quality points per term
65-73 D-Low Passing 1 Quality point per term
0-64 F-Failure 0 Quality points per term
I-Incomplete 0 Quality points per term

A student who has an incomplete must make it up within six weeks of the next term, or it becomes an “F.” An “F” may be removed by repeating the course, or fulfilling special work requirements as may be imposed by the instructor and approved by the Director. All students will be counseled when such seems necessary. A notice of deficiency is placed in the student’s file and a copy is given to each one of the faculty. Graduating students are required to achieve a 2.0 grade-point-average (GPA) based on hours attempted.

Hours Attempted GPA Required
0-18 1.50
19-36 1.70
37-54 1.90
54 and above 2.00

Any student failing to achieve the minimum satisfactory GPA is placed on probation for one quarter. At the end of the probationary period any student failing to achieve the minimum GPA for hours attempted will be terminated. Any student so terminated will not be allowed to apply for readmission for at least one quarter. His readmission is subject to approval of the Director. No student can graduate from NCSBS with an “F” on his record. Any failure must be removed by repeating the course, or by completing a satisfactory project. Permanent records shall be kept by the school.