Our Mission

The Warners Chapel congregation has demonstrated a desire to train preachers for many years. Recent studies have concluded that we are losing more preachers each year than we are training. More pulpits are becoming “uncertain” if not already turned to liberal teachings and practices. There has been a large shift in how the “world” looks at God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and the church.  Many see Christians as intolerant and judgmental. In many instances the world sees the church as irrelevant.  Because of all these things, we have established and maintain a school that will train men to faithfully preach the Gospel and strengthen brethren in the surrounding areas of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

There have been several Gospel preachers and the wives of Gospel preachers to teach in the school. These men and women have freely given of their time and talents in teaching our students. Many of them are preachers from area congregations around the state and drive (from 45 minutes to 2 hours) and receive a little expense money to help cover the cost of gas. Their efforts and their instructing will always be deeply appreciated by the elders and staff at NCSBS.

As you read this catalog, it is our earnest prayer that you do so in order to learn more about the school. We sincerely desire that NCSBS will be the school you attend to receive your training as a faithful Gospel preacher. Whether or not that is the case, we also sincerely request your prayers on our behalf that we might continue to train men to go into the world to peach the Good News of Jesus Christ. “And how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14)