Who We Are

It began in a one-room log schoolhouse in 1880 with a small group of individuals from the Warners Community. Today, 135 years later, Warners Chapel is the second oldest church of Christ in the state of North Carolina. As early as the last half of the nineteenth century, doctrinal error in the form of the missionary society, instrumental music and other innovations that resulted in apostasy were creeping into some churches Many of the churches were swept into doctrinal error and either became affiliated with the Christian church or permanently closed their doors.

For the Warners Chapel church of Christ to have endured for so long and remained on this straight and narrow path is a testament to the strong elders and faithful gospel preachers who have served through the years. We owe those early members and the first elders appointed in 1886 an immense debt of gratitude for their loyalty and dedication to the truth. A continued debt of gratitude is to be extended to all who have faithfully served the Warners Chapel congregation through the years. The dedication to the truth now makes Warners Chapel the second oldest church of Christ still in existence in the state of North Carolina.

In July of 2004, Paul Kirkpatrick became the full-time preacher at Warners Chapel.   One of his assigned tasks was to assist the elders in establishing a school of preaching. Using those principles of those who have preceded them, the elders and brother Kirkpatrick established the North Carolina School of Biblical Studies (NCSBS). With much work, many prayers, and several answered prayers the first class began in the Fall of 2007 and continues under the oversight of the elders of Warners Chapel.