Rules of Conduct

  1. All students are expected to assume proper responsibility as citizens. Any who are convicted of any law violation will be subject to discipline by the school.
  2. Everyone is expected to deal honestly and uprightly with fellow students. Likewise, with those churches and individuals who give him financial support.
  3. Any words or acts unbecoming to Christians will not be tolerated. At all times the student must conduct himself with proper decorum and display proper attitude in all matters pertaining to his school work.
  4. Students in this school are not permitted to use tobacco, alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs in any form, and any who are found doing so will be immediately dismissed. Body piercing by males is unacceptable. Females may not have more than two piercings in one ear and no other piercing is allowed.  Tattoos are to be concealed under clothing.  No one is permitted to get a piercing or tattoo while a student at NCSBS.
  5. Students should be familiar with the rules of plagiarism found in the MLA handbook section 1.6.
  6. Though a specific offense may not be committed, at any time a student’s attitude and demeanor are not in harmony with the spirit and purpose of the school, he may be subject to dismissal. This will not be subject to review by any other person or group outside the North Carolina School of Biblical Studies and the elders of the Warners Chapel church of Christ.
  7. Other regulations will be presented at the pre-enrollment interview.
  8. If a student has a difficulty with an instructor he must first go to that instructor according to Matthew 18:15-17. If agreement is not reached then the issue will be brought to the Director. Ultimately, the elders of Warners Chapel will have the oversight of the difficulty.