Housing is limited.  Although the student is still responsible for housing, there is a limited amount of housing available on a first come, first serve basis. If assistance is needed for temporary housing, the Director or Dean of Students may assist in finding housing.

Students will be required to maintain reasonable upkeep of the house and not to cause any damage. Cutting grass and raking leaves is included in the upkeep. See the housing agreement at the end of the catalog.

From time to time the occasion may arise when prospective students need to get an idea of what available housing is like. This will involve letting them see the house. If the housing is occupied there will be as much notification as is possible. The church reserves the right to inspect all occupied housing on a quarterly basis.

If firearms of any type are to be in the house they must be kept in accordance with the gun laws of the state of North Carolina. This is especially important with regard to any children in the family.