Living Expenses

Students are responsible for their own living expenses. The school does not assume financial responsibility for any student. Some students are self-supporting; some are supported by relatives and friends; some are supported by their working wives; most receive support from one or more congregations.

Students who need financial assistance should go directly to congregations and individuals with whom they are familiar and ask for help in preparing to preach. Before requesting such aid, one should be certain of his commitment to unselfishly give his life to the Lord’s service. While some students are self-supporting, most depend upon the support of others for their living expenses.

Congregations and individuals who so desire must send student support to NCSBS for distribution to the student on a set schedule. For information about how to raise support, write to the school. Students should make arrangements for their living expenses before entering the school. The school will advise and assist as much as possible.

Students receiving support from either congregations or individuals are required to keep those who support them informed of their progress. This will be monitored by the administration.