Practical Experience

While the courses at NCSBS are designed to make one more effective in the Lord’s service, we believe that one should be actively involved in the work of the church during the time he is a student. Accordingly, students will be given the opportunity to participate in some projects which will enhance their ability. Students will be given assignments in keeping with their level of development. Much of this is in conjunction with the work of the Warners Chapel church of Christ. Each student will be required to participate in any planned door-knocking campaigns.

The Director, faculty, and elders of the Warners Chapel church, assist students in determining when they are ready for such assignments and in arranging the appointments. Each student will be required to report his participation in Christian Service activities [such as sermons preached, Bible classes taught, evangelism studies, etc.] on a weekly basis.  We want to record all the spiritual efforts that are done by our students.