Mark 16:15
…Go into all the world and preach the gospel…
About Us
Light the Fire
As I labor in your fields, oft my strength begins to yield;
And I wonder if my soul can carry on.
But my heart can't forbear, the blessed gospel I must share,
Light the fire in my soul, Lord, today.

Light the fire in my soul, give me strength and make me bold,
I want to labor in your service every day.
May the flame you impart, help me some other souls to start,
Light the fire in my soul, Lord, today.

Written for Lighting the Fire by Daniel Howell

North Carolina School of Biblical Studies (NCSBS) is a non-profit school that provides two years of Biblical education followed by a two-year associate minister internship. Classes will emphasize the study of the biblical text, apologetics, homiletics, and other courses that are directly related to the work of the preacher and his family.

During the final two years of study, the student will work in an associate minister position with a congregation and preacher who will help the new preacher “get his feet wet” in the work of evangelistic preaching and light a fire for souls that we pray will never go out (Jer. 20:9).

NCSBS is a part of the work of the Warners Chapel church of Christ. It is overseen by the Warners Chapel elders as part of the church’s work to fulfill Matthew 28:19 and 2 Timothy 2:2.

Values we emphasize

  • Always bringing glory to God
  • Continuous, fervent evangelistic effort
  • Dynamic pulpit preaching
  • Sound biblical exegesis
  • Living above reproach
  • Always asking counsel of the Lord
  • Abounding in personal growth

Our Purpose and Goals

Honor God by using His word as the sole authority in matters of faith and practice.

Provide a program of biblical studies that is balanced and will enable the gospel preacher to be effective in his lifetime of work striving to strengthen and grow the kingdom of God.

Equip and provide the student with a “burning fire” (Jer. 20:9) to speak God’s word – a fire that will not be extinguished.

Instill within these new preachers the value of continuous diligent Bible study