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Classes Available to Audit for March 25 - May 31

Bible Hour: Based on the principle of “hiding God’s word” in our heart, the time will be used for an organized process of memorizing scripture, scripture facts and scripture relationships.

Gospel of John: A textual/expository study of the book as a gospel account distinct from the “synoptics.” It will also spend time on Jesus as Creator, the Word, the great “I am”, and the events of the last week of Jesus’ life.

Christian Ethics: This class will study the problems of ethics and morality in everyday life. Our culture is changing so fast and the new cultural views are in direct conflict with old values. Where must the Christian stand and with what attitude must he exemplify the character of Christ? Moreover, what is the preacher’s responsibility in growing God’s kingdom to embrace right ethics and morality? These questions will be probed from a Biblical standpoint.

Special Studies: This will be an intense crash course of issues that are always debated in the world and in the church. Topics such as the deity of Christ, premillennialism, music in the church, modern day miracles, attributes of God, the problem of suffering, church discipline, qualifications of elders and deacons and others will be examined.

United Kingdom: A topical/textual study of Israel’s transition to a kingdom with a detailed study of the kingships of Saul, David and Solomon as recorded from 1 Samuel 1:1 to 1 Kings 11:43 and including a study of 1 Chronicles 1:1 to 2 Chronicles 9:31.

Bible Gleanings: This class will read through books of the Bible with considerable discussion of information and truths gleaned from each chapter.

Psalms: A textual study of the book including a study of the various styles of Hebrew poetry, prose, prayers. A thorough study of the Messianic psalms will be made as well as an expository study of many particularly applicable Psalms such as Psalm 1, 23, 51 and others.

Preacher’s Work – Leader and Follower: This class will focus on the Biblical principles of humble leadership and cooperation. The example of Christ and of the faithful in the Bible will be examined.

Auditing Classes

Classes may be audited at no cost except for purchasing the book(s). If an audit student needs a book for a class, they may purchase it from the school. Audit students should register no less than two weeks before class starts. This allows for the school to purchase the needed books and distribute them the first day of class.

Audit students are not required to complete homework assignments, tests, or class projects. However, we encourage you to do so to get the full benefit that can be received.

Ladies Online Class

Currently, we have one online ladies class each year. The class topic varies and will be advertised in advance. It starts in September on the Thursday after Labor Day and is a 10-week course taught by Teresa Glenn and Stephanie Ransom. This class is not a credit course.

Registration for the ladies class opens the first of August and closes the week before class begins.